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I literally want to pose this question to so many people

Pose it, bitch.

Messaging someone:

Them: *Doesn't reply*
Me: I regret this.
Me: I regret everything.
Me: I regret my whole life.
Me: I regret every tiny atom from every star from every corner of the galaxy that crash-landed on this earth and created the prehistoric aquatic organism that was my first multicellular ancestor.
Them: *Replies*
Me: I will use this second chance in life that I've been granted to become a new and better person, for the good of humanity.

Waiting for someone to have a crush on me



more relatable?

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  • Intro: State of the Hip-Hop Union Address
  • Track 1: How Do My Presidential Balls Taste?
  • Track 2: Obamacare For Ya Mama
  • Track 3: Vetoing The Pussy feat: The First Lady
  • Track 4: Rock the Vote After I Rock Ya Headboard
  • Track 5: I Got the CIA Fucking With Me
  • Track 6: White House Sanctioned Murder feat: Wild Joe Biden
  • Track 7: Government Lockdown (Fuck the Repubs)
  • Track 8: Senate Massacre
  • Track 9: Executive Branch Evil
  • Track 10: Harvard Hitman
  • Outro: Re-Elect a Real Nigga When You See One
  • Bonus Track: What You Mean Declined? (The Deficit’s Trying To Kill Me)

this track list was too good I had to reblog again

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When a GIF doesn’t move:



more relatable?

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